So, I know the idea behind this blog is to detail my exploration of the different restaurants around Indiana University in Bloomington, but after thinking more about what I wanted to do with it, I also want to incorporate home-cooked meals.  It was a bit of a wet and dreary night so I thought I’d stay home, spend time with my dog Pepper and do some cooking.  Currently, I’m trying to eat and live a bit healthier, so tonight I decided to make some tacos?

Meet my sweet australian cattle dog/catahoula mix, Pepper.  I adopted her from the Bloomington animal shelter mid-October.

I know, the word “tacos” doesn’t scream ‘healthy,’ but I did my best to keep it as lean as I could.  To achieve a semblance of healthiness I filled a couple pan-fried whole wheat taco shells with ground turkey instead of beef, so my attempt at eating healthy was off to a decent start.  Now, in the past when I attempted turkey tacos, I struggled to keep it flavorful because spicy sauces aren’t exactly my cup of tea, so this time I incorporated an assortment of bell peppers and onions, and I think it made a world of difference. After layering some cheddar jack cheese and adding a dollop of sour cream I had myself a refreshing dish that I would definitely try again.


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