Two. B Town Gyros.

Growing up I remember the visits I took with my dad to Munster Gyros. We’d sit down at a plastic red booth and would either end the meal with dessert in the form of 50 cent Mike and Ike’s from the candy dispenser or an ice-cream cone from the shop next door. Whenever I go home, gyros is one of the Chicago area staples I have to indulge in because, in my biased opinion, no place here, in Bloomington, gets it quite on par with the restaurants back home. Before attending a guest-speaker roundtable event I stopped by
B Town Gyros, a restaurant nestled within a convenience store in Bloomington, to give their gyros sandwich a try.

The meat was juicy and delightful, but the sauce, while good, was lacking something I desired; I think my preferences have been spoiled by the extra-creamy tzatzikiI grew up enjoying.  I was also surprised to find romaine lettuce stuffed into the sandwich–something I have not encountered in my gyros experience.  Now, I wish I had indulged in some feta to sprinkle on top to add a bit more zest and dimension.

While I definitely preferred this sandwich to Trojan Horse’s version, up to this point I maintain that the best gyros in Bloomington are from The Gyro Truck that frequents Kirkwood. Overall I would rate B Town Gyros 5 out of 10.


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