3. M.I.A.

I let things get away from me for a moment to focus on work, school, and preparing for after I graduate, but don’t worry, a girl still has to eat and while my blogging may have had a brief hiatus, I definitely still managed to try a couple restaurants these past few weeks, so look out for some restaurant reviews with a dash of my own attempts to create culinary masterpieces.  Every time I make a trip home I always have to indulge in some local comfort food that I miss while I’m away at school; this typically includes, in no particular order: Gyros (Mr. Greek Gyros in Merrillville or Munster Gyros), Chinese (Kowloon in Schererville), pizza (usually Rosati’s), Mexican (El Amigo).

Luckily, after spending the day downtown at an advertising career fair, I treated myself to this beautiful (and delicious) sight.

Life lesson: Never turn down a chance to shovel some of the best deep dish into your face, because when in Ro…I mean Chicago.



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