4. Falafels!

A few weeks ago I interviewed with PepsiCo for a sales position with Frito-Lay, which I didn’t get, but afterward I did get to try a mean chicken gyro/falafel hybrid at Falafels Middle Eastern Grill.  It was around 4 o’ clock so it was only me in the quiet little spot off of Kirkwood, but my server was delightful and made great recommendations with it being my first time visiting

Next time I would probably opt for a traditional gyro over the chicken, but I wanted to give it a go this time around.

For my listening enjoyment, in the background the classic crooners like Sinatra were serenading me over the speakers.  The pita was overflowing with chicken and was accompanied by a (free) side of delicious Mediterranean-style fries courtesy of my handy-dandy Hooked app. If I weren’t so full I would have sprung for a cup of gelato they serve, but I paid my bill and was on my way.  8/10 would reccommend.  I can’t wait to try their gyros.


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