5. Siam House

Per usual, I had some time to spare after classes one day so I stopped in to experience Siam House’s buffet.  Though at first I was planning on ordering off the main menu, I ultimately decided to try out the buffet so I could experience a smattering of different dishes.  The star of the day was Pad Thai; it was delightfully sweet and delicate, and it was my first experience with an authentic version of the dish outside of Noodles & Company, the world kitchen where I honed my skills as a ‘noodle grill’ aficionado.  While I thoroughly enjoyed the dish, after a few bites it became dangerously sweet and I needed something to balance it, so I was happy to have a palette of different flavours in front of me. One of the more bizarre things I had was a fried banana fritter-like dessert.  I’m not sure whether it was my lack of exposure to anything like it or my initial thought that it was a fried protein, but its flavour profile didn’t sit well with me.  Through the meal I gravitated toward chicken and beef dishes paired with steamed rice and delicious lo mein noodles.


I happened to stop in right before Valentine’s day one afternoon, so the restaurant was decorated for guests ready to enjoy a romantic ambiance.

The owner was absolutely the sweetest during my visit, and the next time I go I will definitely try something off their main menu, perhaps a curry dish.




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